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I'd like to welcome you to ID Photoshop Website.  We at ID Photoshop pride ourselves on providing professional studio quality photos, while adhering to the requirements and measurements for the purpose of your identification photo.

The reason I set up this business was because of what my friends and family were experiencing.  They were unhappy with the end product (the photo) for 4 reasons:
  1. The quality was not to their liking (mug shot)

  2. The picture was rejected for one of many regulations from their countries government, not being met (lack of knowledge).

  3. The photo booth/shop did not have the required passport/visa size photo for their specified country.

  4. If they did go to a photo studio who could produce a correct sized photo, the price was usually at a high premium and not guaranteed to be correct.
This gave me the drive to set up a walk in studio in a central location for easy access to all in London.  We use professional cameras and studio equipment, in order to produce quality photos and we liaise with government officials & representatives to obtain up to date passport/visa photo requirements to limit the occurrence of any rejections.

Here at ID Photoshop we have created an accessible, professional, precise, affordable and fast service which gives peace of mind with our guarantee* that the photo meets your personal or specified countries strict regulations.

So please come on through and visit us for your id photo needs to save time and money by getting it right! First time!

Thanks for visiting
  * Please provide written proof of the reason for the embassies/consulates rejection of photos.  
Did you know?
The ID Photoshop is located 5 minutes walking distance from many Embassies/Consulates. We can provide you with quick professional guaranteed photos before you go to your destination.

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